Unless the room is (or was) such a bizarre space or it actually moved me somewhere specifically, I've never purchased or produced a piece because it "fit the room." I'm a huge proponent of the philosophy that celebrates "If you like it, buy it." As trite as it may sound, art is in the eye of the beholder, and your home's decor should always reflect the essence of the one who pinballs about its interior. Understanding not everyone is enthused by an eclectic backdrop, I will always encourage folks to let go of the "where" in exchange for the "why." I believe in conversation pieces, not uncomfortable silences. Let go when looking at art in any form and color yourself adorned by both beauty and imperfection.


Most people drawn into artistic realms aren't really looking for conventional returns. If there is anything I'd like to express through creativity, it is foremost, a sense of humor. I am moody, and so is my body of work. I could never recreate anything I've painted once, nor would I even try. Though my pieces aren't political or life-changing, I strive to deliver an unpredictable assembly of expression to be enjoyed where they best make use of their space.